Sunday, September 27, 2009

yeah it's 1am on a Saturday and i'm posting a blog. WHAT OF IT!?

It's a Saturday night and I'm at home posting a blog complaining about pretty much everything and I know that's not going to do wonders for my credibility/popularity but I was amazed tonight at how GROSS going out can be sometimes, how little imagination the general public seem to have and how dumb most people are as a rule.

I'm laying down some ground rules for myself re: future social activities...
1. Will only enter club type atmosphere if I'm getting paid to do so, i.e. dj'ing
2. Will enthusiastically attend house parties, particularly if there is the promise of food or cake
3. Will have more house parties at own amazing house with amazing boyfriend and amazing housemate, is good as means do not have to be concerned with travelling home after drinking as have not left house
4. Will NOT line up to get in anywhere, is simply not worth it, ever
5. Will always buy self chocolate on way home from night out (as have done tonight) to congratulate self on leaving house

I'm really only interested in old person activities these days like taking baths and complaining.

Fingers crossed I'll brighten up when I finish my thesis.

Jessie out.


  1. oh i know what you are saying, i don't bother stepping out into the thick urban soup on saturday nights anymore, because it is HIDEOUS.

    suggest rule #6: maximise fabulous, quieter weeknights?

    anyway the chocolate plan makes the most sense of all. :)