Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ola lisboa!

I have a really, really great job that allows me to travel a lot.
Most recently Portugal (Spain to follow):


5 Things I Can Never Stick With

1. Taking vitamins. I have a cupboard full of vitamin bottles with like 2 tablets taken from each.

2. Flossing. Some nights it is a stretch to even brush my teeth. Not totally surprising that I don’t really feel like cutting all my gums up and spitting blood all over the place.

3. Drinking 2L of water per day. Given the amount of wine I routinely consume I would probably have to drink more like 4L per day to remain hydrated and WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THAT?

4. Exercise. If I want to lose weight I would rather just not eat. Lazy wins every time.

5. Maintaining a blog. Because deep down I know that I don’t have anything good to say (i.e. see above).

top tenzzzz

Top 10 Songs that remind me of DJ-ing at Supermild 1,000,000 years ago.

1. ESG “You’re No Good”

2. Teenage Fanclub “What You Do To Me”

3. Sonic Youth “Bull In The Heather”

4. Scene Creamers “Elfin Orphan” (very average live version)

5. Chromatics “Running Up That Hill”

6. Cheap Trick “Surrender”

7. The Replacements “Alex Chilton”

8. The Sonics “Have Love Will Travel”

9. TV on the Radio “Wolf Like Me”

10. Wu Tang Clan “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With”


Lately, more than ever, I’ve been noticing that people say heaps of really dumb shit, really often. For example…

1. “I’m getting on the rack tonight” An Australia’s Next Top Model contestant after being told her legs were too short.
2. “I love the feeling of having my internal organs massaged” Miranda Kerr on her love of yoga.
3. “It’s one of the most important limbs we have” A champion javelin-thrower on the importance of arms for champion javelin-throwers.