Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Does anyone know anything about Stockholm? I'm going there next week because of my aforementioned super excellent job and I have heaps of free time. This is my list of things to do so far:

1. Obvs go shopping at Acne.
2. Obvs go shopping at 5th Avenue Shoe Repair.
3. Obvs go shopping at Cos.
4. Visit the Stockholm Public Library because look at it:

5. Go here: Snickarbacken7
6. Here (the gift shop looks particularly awesome): Moderna Museet
7. And here: Arkitektur Museet

Any other recommendations very welcome. Particularly fun places to out and 'get wasted' and such. I'm also going to NY after for a week (more work) and have heaps of free time there and with the AUD being all tough n shit I AM JUST GOING TO GO SHOPPING A LOT.

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