Monday, February 22, 2010

culture jammin'

Here are some fairly embarrassing truths about me and the things I am "vibing on" at the moment...

1. I read A LOT. When I was a kid I became really good at doing things with my feet because I always had a book in my hands - no kidding. Always been a nerd.
I just finished this on the weekend, it was pretty shamelessly romantic but amazing, I like stories about the war:

Now I'm on to the second one. I think I'm obsessed:

2. This mix is silly and fun. Listen to it, love it...

Pianist Envy

3. I had never seen a single Star Wars film before (I know right? I can't even believe I am writing this on the internet). So last night we watched A New Hope, and The Empire Strikes Back. Tonight we are going to watch Return of The Jedi. I am in love with Darth Vader. What a babe right? (Did I miss the point of Star Wars?). This is all pretty shocking in light of the fact that I have a brother that's a huge fan and I studied film at uni...


4. Can't effing WAIT to see and hear this guy do and say some hilarious things...

5. I'm going to Lisbon later this year on account of that I have the best job in the world. It's making it really hard to concentrate because a) I'm desperate for a holiday and b) look at these pictures...



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  1. you are like the 89463087th person to talk about this Bronze Horseman crap. I was dubious until even YOU admitted to liking it. Should I do it? Should I?