Monday, June 29, 2009

my closest friend, linoleum

i'm sick. my housemates aka the two most amazing poofs ever:
are also sick. everyone is puking and excreting like their lives depend on it.

i now have to add mexican food to the list of things i cannot eat because once they made me sick:

1. mexican (number one with a bullet)
2. indian - this was a good one, I had to go to emergency and the indian intern asked me what i had eaten and i was too embarrassed to tell him in case he thought i was racist
3. condensed milk
4. the spa (not technically a food but last time i went in the spa i was sick for days)
5. cream puffs (had been out of the fridge on a hot day - was own fault)
6. warm grated cheese (had also been out of fridge for ages - was also own fault)
7. any food in america (when i came home from nyc last year i had a parasite in my intestines that ate all my food - it is still there and is the primary reason i'm not obese. the doctor says i should go see a gastroenterologist but i love my parasite. am too scared to eat any food in america ever again though in case i swallow the antidote parasite)

i need some flat lemonade and dry biscuits.

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